Adopt a Horse

Thank you for inquiring about adopting a horse from Equine 808 Horse Rescue.

Many rescue horses are sound, ride-able, and can make a great companion. Many horses we get may have been neglected, abused, or surrendered for many reasons; however, this should not affect their usefulness as pleasure horses. We may get horses that are only comfortable in pasture, and are suitable as companions. We determine their level of physical comfort and usefulness by compiling information from our assessment team, trainer, veterinarian, or the previous owner so a mutually compatible match can be made for you and the horse. Transportation of your newly adopted horse to your facility can be arranged by our staff.

You must fill out and return an application for adoption. Be sure to fill out every question on the application. As soon as we receive your application we will begin screening your references. All decisions to adopt a horse from Equine 808 Horse Rescue are based on the applicant’s horse knowledge, honesty, financial stability, the safety of their facility, and ability to provide a lifetime home to an adopted horse.

Visit our shelter to meet the horses up for adoption.

To adopt a horse

call (808) 590-1210


An adoption fee is required
We look forward to finding you a great match!